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Key Commitments

Community radio services broadcasting on small scale DAB provide social gain and other community benefits on a not-for-profit basis.

Each station is required by law to provide the service described in its licence, which is based on the proposals it made during the application process for the licence.

These service descriptions recorded in community radio licences are called 

Key Commitments.


Licensed service – Radio Lisburn Live CIC

Multiplex – Belfast & Lisburn

Service description – Radio Lisburn Live is a radio service intended to serve local and working-class communities in Lisburn & Castlereagh providing locally produced content that is vibrant and celebrates everyday lives of local people


The studio of the licensed service is located within the coverage area of the small-scale radio multiples service identified above. The licenced service shall have the characteristics of a community digital sound programme service as set out in the 2019 order and, in so doing, shall achieve the following


  • The facilitation of discussion and the expression of opinion.
  • The provision (Whether be means of programmes included in the service or otherwise) of education or training to individuals not employed by the person providing the service.


  • The better understanding of the particular community and the strengthening of links within it.

Members of the target community shall contribute to the operation and management of the service.


The service shall have mechanisms in place to ensure it accountable to it target community in the specific area or locality.


We will ensure on a regular monthly basis there is a balance
of programming reflecting Radio Lisburn key commitments. Regular quarterly reviews will be undertaken to ensure that Radio Lisburn Live reflects the needs of our community within its
programming schedule and the report displayed below.

Music Licenses

Radio Lisburn Live is covered for music listening through PRS & PPL in the UK.

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