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Radio Lisburn Live is a not for profit social enterprise, and by advertising with us you are investing back into the local community

Lisburn Advertising Solutions

Radio Lisburn Live is a new local digital radio station launching during the summer of 2022 for the Lisburn and Castlereagh area.

As well as playing great music, our output will be packed with the local news and information. We’re a professional-sounding radio station with friendly presenters who care about the issues and events across the area.

Our radio station’s output has a strong focus the Lisburn City Area, most of our listeners are local people. Local people who enjoy supporting local shops, cafes, restaurants, and other small businesses across the City

We can work with you and your business to put together an incredibly cost-effective advertising package to promote your company to local people across the Lisburn & Belfast areas. Listed below are a few solutions.

Lisburn advertising solutions

Spot advert

For Lisburn advertising solutions, spot adverts are the most traditional way of advertising on the radio. We’ll work with you to develop a script and record your commercial for regular broadcast on Radio Lisburn Live. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to promote an offer or sell the USP of your business to listeners in a creative and stand-out way. Advert duration can be anything from 10 to 60 seconds, 30 seconds tens to be the most popular, you will be charge a one-off fee the production of your commercial and then a monthly amount for an agreed number of plays on the radio.


Show, feature & show

SHOW: You’ll get a promotion for your business at least 3 time per hour during the show your brand is associated with. We’ll work with you to create an audio message around 10 seconds long to be used.

FEATURES: Sponsor our weather, travel news or events guide to get hourly sponsor credits around some of our most popular local information. We’ll work with you to create an audio message up to 15 seconds long to be used

APP: Our smartphone app is one of the main ways listeners TuneIn. As our app sponsor, you will receive a splash-screen featuring your logo and advertising message every time users open the Radio Lisburn Live mobile app. We’ll also include a clickable display advert within the app

Promotions & giveaways

This a great wat to showcase an offer, new product, or grand opening for your business. We’ll visit your business and record a series of short feature stories to promote what you have to offer. These will then be broadcast over the course of an agreed period. Alternatively, we could bring one of our shows to your business for the day to broadcast live and chat to your staff and customers on the radio as part of your output. For Lisburn advertising solution radio is a very cost-effective method, tried and tested. For a few more case studies and examples please click on the link to be directed to the radio the official home of advertising info, news, and reviews. (Click here for Radio Centre)

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Music Licenses

Radio Lisburn Live is covered for music listening through PRS & PPL in the UK.

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